Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wheel In The Sky is taking a break until April

Due to a huge personal loss and crisis, WHEEL IN THE SKY blog is taking a break and will return sometime in April.

 "Just The Same Way"

Yesterday was a good day
It's after midnight
And I've got you on my mind
Come with me,  never go away
Everyday we will find,  yea

That's the same way you love me
That's the same way she loves you
Ooh,  just the same way you do
Just the same way you do
Just the same way you love me
Just the same way she loves

Take a chance now,  the timing's right
You bring to me the key to my life
Stay with me,  won't you stay the night
In the mornin' feelin' fine,  yea

That's the same way you love me
That's the same way she loves you
Ooh,  just the same way you do
Just the same way you do
Just the same way you love me
Just the same way she loves

Oh no,  you should be holdin' on to him girl
Oh yea,  just like,  just like you want to do
Oh no,  just love him,  squeeze him,  girl
Oh yea,  just love him,  squeeze him,  yea

That's the same way you love me
That's the same way she loves you
Ooh,  just the same way you do
Just the same way you do
Just the same way you love me
Just the same way she loves you
Ooh,  just the same way you do
Just the same way you do
That's the same way you love me
That's the same way she loves

-- G.  Rolie,  N. Schon,  R. Valory --

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 part IV - Conclusion

This weeks edition of The Journey Force Newsletter dated November 1987 is all about Bits and Pieces. We begin with the Pen Pals section which is was the only way Journey fans could find each other beside going to a show.

My favorite part this week is That Rolling Stone Magazine voted "Raised On Radio" number in the top pop/rock/soul category. Really, of all time albums ever, even in 1987 seems to me a bit shocking that of all the Journey albums, "Raised On Radio" is the 4th on a list of top 10 albums of all time.

Ted nugget says that Neal Schon has in fact come close to reversing the axis of the Earth in doing such brilliant Guitar solos. That I do believe! Neal has been one of the best Guitar Players of all time almost all his life.

In other news of the day, Steve Perry's song, "Happy To Give" makes it onto the soundtrack to the surf film, "North Shore".

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 part III - Softball

This week's edition of the Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 is all about Softball.

The Bay Area Music and Sports notables take time to participate in the second annual SDwight Clark Celebrity Softball Game.

There's a great picture of Jonathan Cain and Gregg Rolie together in here!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Journey's Eclipsed - The Popularity of a Band and their Eclipse

Just recently I was at my local Walmart in Porter ranch California and came across the CD section and found where all the "Eclipse" albums went. Here's a very sad picture the Journey section...

I always thought this album sold well, they did a great marketing job and had a special vinyl edition that sold out. I didn't really care for the album and couldn't figure out who was buying it. It looks like Walmart has all of them. Here's another picture at the Van Nuys, California store. The staff decided to dedicate the entire A-M sections to hold their collection of the "Eclipse" album.

Obviously Journey's popularity has dwindled a bit since the Steve Perry days. I'm not even sure they play any new music at their shows. "Eclipse was released in 2011 and Journey hasn't released a new song since. Maybe the thinking is why bother putting out new music if nobody will buy it and it just sits on the shelves. Maybe if we got serious and wrote some more great songs in the old style. The album "Revolution" was a huge hit because it had good music in their old style. It even had sub-standard versions of their old hits re-recorded with Arnel Pineta's voice on a separate CD, along with a DVD of one of Arnel's first shows with Journey. It didn't need any of the extra stuff, it was a solid album. Then they followed up with this. A shame really.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 part II - Neal Schon's Wedding

This week in The Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 is a whole page dedicated to Neal Schon's Wedding to Beth Buckley on September 20th, 1987.

There is also a picture of Neal and Beth with Randy Jackson with his wife, Liz.

The highlight I'm sure for these brides maids was when Steve Perry sang "Let It Be Me" for the happy couple...

Continued Next Week...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 part 1 - The Legend Of Cy Klopps

This week's edition of the Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 begins with a great interview of Jonathan Cain from by The Journey Force titled "Jonathan Cain Captured".

The next big article of this edition of the Newsletter is "The Legend Of Cy Klopps", A Herbie Herbert Persona.

The Journey Force includes a questionnaire for all members of The Journey Force. Also The Force answers some members questions as well as listing all 5 singles released off the "Raised On Radio" album in order of release.

Continued next week...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Journey Force Newsletter, July 1987, Part 4, Pen pals and Questions

The Pen Pals section starts off this weeks edition of The Journey Force Newsletter, July 1987.

These are addresses from 1987 and please do not send any letters to these people who probably don't live there anymore.

Your Questions Answered appears on this page as well.

Back Issues for sale! Back issues of The Journey Force Newsletter on sale for $1.00 each!

The Merchandise page follows which shows all the "Raised On Radio" items for sale back inn 1987.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Journey Force Newsletter, July 1987, Part 3, Pictures!

This week's part of the Journey Force Newsletter from July 1978 is the next two pages which are full of color pictures of the members of the band.

The Tenth Annual Bay Area Music Awards (Bammie's) where Journey tore it up! Here are the winners;

Steve Perry - Outstanding Male Vocalist  (his fourth)
Neal Schon - Outstanding Guitarist
Jonathan Cain - Outstanding Keyboardist  (his fourth)
Journey - Outstanding Group

Other photos on these pages include Gregg Rolie, Randy Jackson, John Fogerty, Michael Bolton, Bonnie Raitt, and Huey Lewis.

Concluded next week...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Birthday STEVE PERRY January 22, 1949

Happy Birthday STEVE PERRY January 22, 1949

Today, January 22, is Journey's second official Lead Singer, Steve Perry. Steve joined Journey in 1978 and took the band to super-stardom before he stopped to live life.

Here's a great picture of Steve with Journey's original Lead Singer, Gregg Rolie. The songs that feature both their voices take the top spots in my favorite Journey songs. The balance between the two was truly magic...

Playing the Rock Star

Here's a more current picture of Steve...

Will Steve Perry sing at Journey's introduction to the Rock and Roll hall of fame? We can only hope. There are I'm sure a lot of petitions across the Country, There is one at my Local Radio Station here in Los Angeles (link below).

Steve Perry stopped because he didn't want to tour anymore. Journey is a turning band. I'm not sure if trying to force him to appear is a good idea. He'll show up if he wants last minute probably unannounced. To have him sing with the band is asking a lot. He's never lost his voice, but he's also not as practiced as the rest of the band. I will share a link to the petition as a way to let him know how many people want to see him perform again.

Neal Schon says: "I'm hoping that Steve Perry will get up and do something with us. We'll have to see, because nobody has contact with him. I suppose we'll hear something about it a day before or the day of. Who knows?"

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Journey Force Newsletter dated July 1, 1987 part two, Journey License Plates

The Journey Force Newsletter dedicates 1 1/2 pages to Journey License Plates this week.

Journey License Plates from the late 1980's are featured this week. Ever since way before we saw License  Plates on the "Captured" album liner notes artwork. Since then Journey became bigger than ever and people from all over the Country and beyond were getting Journey License Plates.

There is another Journey Force Contest, this time you could win the shirt off Journey's Back. There were three shirts that each member, Steve, Neal, and Jon would wear onstage, so there were three first place winners!

Steve Perry released his first solo album, "Street Talk" in 1984 and became big solo artist during the mid 1980's. These photos now include some Steve Perry License Plates as well...

Continued next week...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Journey Force Newsletter dated July 1, 1987 has Steve Perry buying a Harley Davidson

The Journey Force Newsletter from July 1987 starts with a color picture of Steve Perry standing on a boxed Harley Davidson Motorcycle. This issue is Volume 2, Number 1.

The Journey Force interviews Steve Perry about the rigors of touring and what he's doing now (1987) to relax.

Continued next week...

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Journey's Official Business Statement from the San Mateo Times April, 1974

Here's a real treat! This is the original ad in the San Mateo Times from April 1974. This shows George Tickner seems to be the one that filed the business license for "Journey" back in 1974.

Only four original members of Journey are listed on the license, George Tickner, Neal Schon, Ross Valory, and Gregg Rolie. They must have been the period between Prairie Prince and Aynsley Dunbar as drummer. San Mateo is a small city in Northern California somewhat near San Francisco.

Here is the original ad as it exists, followed by a re-creation that you can read...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017 from WHEEL IN THE SKY - New Albums?

Happy New Year 2017 Journey fans!

Another year has passed. Both Journeys and Steve Perry were heavily active this year.

Steve Perry may or may not release an album this year! It was promised in 2016, but Steve being the perfectionist he is, has taken a bit longer than anticipated.

Although there has been no sign of another album from Journey, we can still hope...

Journey will be starting the 2017 Tour in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock Cafe this May. What will be very interesting is hearing two excellent albums back to back which would include songs they have never played in concert before!

HAPPY 2017!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas from Steve Perry 1984 Journey Force Christmas Card

In a year that was less about Journey and more about Steve Perry came the last Christmas Card...


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Journey's Steve Perry Sing-a-longs at the Giants Games in 2014 and World Series win

In 2014, Steve Perry became very active all of a Sudden. He first started showing up doing the Encore and a few EEL's shows in May and June. Then he starts bringing the crowds at the Giants games in October some extra excitement when he sings along with his own Journey songs, "Don't Stop Believin'', and "Lights", which was written about the San Francisco Bay.

Here is a compilation of edited videos of each of the sing-a-longs that Steve Perry participated in during the San Francisco Giants run for the World Series in 2014. First we see the Giants Video Introduction then the National League Division and Championship games that Steve was involved with. Then comes two World Series games sing-a-longs where Steve sings to both "Don't Stop Believin'", and "Lights". Finally the win and Steve meeting people at the Victory Parade on October 31, 2014...