Saturday, December 21, 2013

Journey at The Los Angeles Forum in August, 1983 for 5 nights!

In 1983 I was 20 years old and living with two room-mates who laughed at me for liking Journey. I had bought 2 tickets for each night at the Forum where Journey would be playing 5 nights. August 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 and I was going to take a different person with me every night.

During that summer I had a difficult time finding someone who wanted to go. Everyone wanted to decide later. When August came, I had more than enough people wanting to go, although not all were who I wanted. I did take two of the people who laughed at me for liking Journey by their request.

By the second night, I knew the setlist and had already bought the program and t-shirts and things, so there was nothing left to do but drink beer and enjoy the concert. By the fourth night I knew when it was OK to rush the stage. They would allow anyone to come as close as possible to the stage near the end of the show and I figured out to almost make it to the wall.

These were great times and great concerts!!

Here are my ticket stubs for the first 3 nights at the fabulous Forum 1983.

Radio Station KLOS 95.5 gave out rainbow Journey stickers at the event.

The back of the KLOS rainbow Journey sticker.


  1. Bryan Adams opened up for Journey touring on his second album, "Cuts Like A Knife."

  2. I was there all five nights that year!

  3. I was there, and had backstage passes for all 5 nights! met the band and played the Journey video game backstage!

  4. Yep, I was there with Liga Danenberg, backstage for all 5 days and nights! We were 16-17 years old, and had the time of our lives!

  5. Yes, Anonymous, I remember you! lol