Saturday, May 30, 2015

Journey - They're the group taking everyone to "Infinity" at Sam Goody and the Palladium

A great ad from March 1978. The is the Journey "Infinity" ad which features cut-outs of the band on an airplane.

The added bonus is the "meeting in person" at Sam Goody Record Stores and the mention of the Live Show at the New York Palladium on March 25th 1978.

It's a great black and white ad but I'm not sure exactly what magazine this came out of.

This is the first timeI've seen print using the term "new Journey"...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Journey Force Post Card from 1981 featuring Steve Perry

The 5th post card in the series stars Steve Perry.

Steve Perry was Journey's third lead vocalist for 20 years, staring in 1978.

Journey has had three lead vocalists since his departure from the band in 1998.

The picture was taken in Japan by Hiro Ito early in the 1981 Escape Tour.

and the back.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ross Valory Ad for Peavey Electronics from Circus Magazine 1980

An ad from Circus Magazine for Peavey Electronics starring Ross Valory of Journey!

The July 22, 1980 edition of Circus Magazine proudly presents this ad;

The Departure era for Journey is when they started filling up large stadiums. It was starting to get big.

Ross Valory's energenic bass playing is the heartbeat of "Journey". To translate that energy into Journey's high powered music, Ross relies exclusively on Peavey bass guitars, amps, and speakers.

Ross Valory has been a part of Journey since 1973, give or take 1986-1995.