Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017 from WHEEL IN THE SKY - New Albums?

Happy New Year 2017 Journey fans!

Another year has passed. Both Journeys and Steve Perry were heavily active this year.

Steve Perry may or may not release an album this year! It was promised in 2016, but Steve being the perfectionist he is, has taken a bit longer than anticipated.

Although there has been no sign of another album from Journey, we can still hope...

Journey will be starting the 2017 Tour in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock Cafe this May. What will be very interesting is hearing two excellent albums back to back which would include songs they have never played in concert before!

HAPPY 2017!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas from Steve Perry 1984 Journey Force Christmas Card

In a year that was less about Journey and more about Steve Perry came the last Christmas Card...


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Journey's Steve Perry Sing-a-longs at the Giants Games in 2014 and World Series win

In 2014, Steve Perry became very active all of a Sudden. He first started showing up doing the Encore and a few EEL's shows in May and June. Then he starts bringing the crowds at the Giants games in October some extra excitement when he sings along with his own Journey songs, "Don't Stop Believin'', and "Lights", which was written about the San Francisco Bay.

Here is a compilation of edited videos of each of the sing-a-longs that Steve Perry participated in during the San Francisco Giants run for the World Series in 2014. First we see the Giants Video Introduction then the National League Division and Championship games that Steve was involved with. Then comes two World Series games sing-a-longs where Steve sings to both "Don't Stop Believin'", and "Lights". Finally the win and Steve meeting people at the Victory Parade on October 31, 2014...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas from Herbie Herbert and Journey 1983 Journey Force Christmas Card

Journey was as big as they ever got in 1983! They were the biggest band in America with sold-out shows all across the World! It looked like nothing could stop them, they were getting bigger and bigger, selling more and more records. Journey was constantly on television talk shows as well ad radio shows and interviews.

Between the years of 1981 and 1983, the three albums released, "Captured", "Escape", and "Frontiers" were their three biggest selling albums to date. It's no wonder that after these three years of grueling hard work that they would want to take a break. Who knows what could have been accomplished by 1985 had everything kept on track. They might have actually reached "Freedom". That's the name that was supposed to be the next album set for release in 1985. It probably would have meant Freedom from Columbia Records, Freedom to be on their own, Freedom to do whatever they wanted. 

This is the last of the original Christmas Cards sent to Journey Force members. I remember receiving this, the third year in a row. In a way, it had become expected by now and not quite as exciting. It's still a great treat to receive a Card every year from The Journey Force. This one shows what the stage show looked like during the "Frontiers Tour"...

Happy Holidays from WHEEL IN THE SKY

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Steve Perry For The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour 1994-1995 Picture Book, part 8

This week concludes the Steve Perry "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" Tour Book. A great Concert Program even though there wasn't much more than a bunch of pictures of Steve Perry. Steve Perry and his band didn't have any kind of a history. What it was though was a way to hear Steve Perry sing Journey songs live again!

For The Love Of Strange Medicine kept Steve busy from 1993-1995 while it looked for sure like the Journey was really over. All other members of Journey kept active during this time, yet they didn't have the voice that could only be heard at this show!

The last page of the Tour Book is an advertisement for Steve Perry's second solo album, "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" for without it, there would be no tour or this excellent Concert Program. The album ended up spawning two singles, "You Better Wait", and "Missing You" from the eleven songs on the original album.

The tour to promote the album lasted a full six months before ending in early 1995. By the end on 1995 Steve was already working again with Journey on a new reunion album called "Trial By Fire" that was released in October 1996.

The back cover of the Tour Book is a giant "Steve Perry" logo. It's a beautiful white lettering with the Strange Medicine design behind it in red, all with a deep rick black background. As of this date, there is rumor of a third Steve Perry solo album to be released in 2017 after many years of delay.

Another regret I have is never seeing this show. I have no idea why I missed this. I was a huge Steve Perry fan as I always have since 1980. I was upset at the whole "Raised On Radio" fiasco and the end of Journey, but I would have wanted to go I think. I was making enough money at the time, this was the 1990's when the Motion Picture Industry was still a great industry. Maybe I was just too busy working overtime, we may never know why...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Merry Christmas from Herbie Herbert and Journey 1982 Journey Force Christmas Card

Journey was everywhere by 1982! This was the first year since 1975 that Journey did not release an album. They couldn't, there wasn't any time.

The Escape album kept releasing singles into 1982. The Escape Tour was extended and by 1982, they were playing huge arenas and had video projection so anyone in the audience could see what was happening.

Again, It was a surprise and a delight to receive another Christmas Card from Journey! Although there is no picture of the band, there is a great representation ion what a show is like when way in the back. It sure looks like an exciting night!

Happy Holidays from WHEEL IN THE SKY

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Steve Perry For The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour 1994-1995 Picture Book, part 7

For The Love Of Strange Medicine

For The Love Of Strange Medicine is the name of the Steve Perry album released on July 19, 1994 and went on to become #15 on the Billboard charts. The album was certified gold in September 1994 selling over 500, 000 copies!

For The Love Of Strange Medicine is the name of the Band that Steve Perry worked with and toured with for 6 months on the road. The band consisted of Lincoln Brewster on Guitars, Todd Jensen on Bass, Moyes Lucas, Jr. on Drums, and Paul Taylor on Keyboards.

For The Love Of Strange Medicine is the name of the only Tour that Steve Perry did as a solo artist. The tour began in October 1994 and lasted until March 1995. There was a huge crew helping Steve and the band get to and set up for the shows.

The next couple of pages in the For The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour Book is a bunch of candid photos of the band and backstage heroes...

Concluded next week...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merry Christmas from Herbie Herbert and Journey 1981 Journey Force Christmas Card

Back in 1981, The Journey Force sent out these Christmas Cards to all members of The Journey Force. This was the first time I had seen this picture of the band at this building in Japan. There weren't many ways to find pictures of the band back in 1981, so getting one of these in the mail was great! The top half is upside down so that it was correct when folded.

Happy Holidays from WHEEL IN THE SKY

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Steve Perry For The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour 1994-1995 Picture Book, part 6

We continue the second half of the Steve Perry For The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour 1994-1995 Tour Book with even more pictures of Steve Perry.

This week begins with an excellent full frontal shot of Steve singing his little heart out...

The next page features a picture of Steve carrying a bouquet of flowers that were thrown to him from the audience at one of the shows.

The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour lasted six months all across America!

Oct. 21, 1994 - Riverside Theater. Milwaukee, WI - Sass Jordan
Oct. 22, 1994 - Minneapolis, MN - Sass Jordan
Oct. 28, 1994 - Taft Theater. Cincinnati, OH - Sass Jordan
Oct. 29, 1994 - Music Hall. Cleveland, OH - Sass Jordan
Oct. 30, 1994 - Arie Crown Theater. Chicago, IL - Sass Jordan
Nov. 1, 1994 - A.J. Palumbo Auditorium. Pittsburgh, PA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 3, 1994 - Fox Theater. Detroit ,MI - Sass Jordan
Nov. 5, 1994 - Stabler Arena. Lehigh Campus. Bethleham, PA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 7, 1994 - DAR Constitution Hall. D.C. - Sass Jordan
Nov. 10, 1994 - A.J. Palumbo Center. Pittsburgh, PA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 14, 1994 - Albany, NY - Sass Jordan
Nov. 15, 1994 - Massey Hall, Toronto, ONT - Sass Jordan
Nov. 16, 1994 - Tower Theater, Philadelphia Upper Darby, PA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 17, 1994 - Central Maine Civic Center. Lewiston, ME - Sass Jordan
Nov. 18, 1994 - Orpheum Theater. Boston, MA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 20, 1994 - Hershey Park Arena. Hershey, PA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 22, 1994 - Fox Theater. Atlanta, GA - Sass Jordan
Nov. 23, 1994 - Jacksonville, FL - Sass Jordan
Nov. 24, 1994 - Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. Orlando, FL - Sass Jordan
Nov. 25, 1994 - Sunrise Musical Theater. Sunrise, FL - Sass Jordan
Nov. 27, 1994 - Mahaffey Theater. St. Petersburg, FL - Sass Jordan
Dec. 2, 1994 - Municipal Auditorium. San Antonio, TX - Sass Jordan
Dec. 3, 1994 - Will Rogers Memorial. Forth Worth, TX - Sass Jordan
Dec. 7, 1994 - Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas, NV - Sass Jordan
Dec. 9, 1994 - Fort Worth, TX - Sass Jordan
Dec. 10, 1994 - Warner’s Theater. Fresno, CA - Sass Jordan
Dec. 12, 1994 - Speckles Theater .San Diego, CA - Sass Jordan
Dec. 16, 1994 - Pantages Theater. Los Angeles, CA - Sass Jordan
Dec. 17, 1994 - Pantages Theater . Los Angeles, CA - Sass Jordan
Dec. 18, 1994 - Pantages Theater . Los Angeles, CA - Sass Jordan
Jan. ??, 1995 - Seattle, WA - unknown
Jan. 11, 1995 - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Portland, OR - Sass Jordan
Jan. 15, 1995 - Abravanel Hall. Salt Lake City, Utah - Sass Jordan
Jan. ??, 1995 - Paramount Theater. Denver, CO - Sass Jordan
Jan. 19, 1995 - Memorial Auditorium.. Burlington, IW - Sass Jordan
Jan. 20, 1995 - Memorial Hall . Kansas City, Kansas - Sass Jordan
Jan. 22, 1995 - Veterans Memorial. Columbus, OH - Sass Jordan
Jan. 25, 1995 - Wings Stadium. Kalamazoo, MI - Sass Jordan
Jan. 27, 1995 - Shea's Performing Arts Center. Buffalo NY - Sass Jordan
Jan. 28, 1995 - Rochester Auditorium Center, Rochester, NY - Sass Jordan
Feb. 2, 1995 - Washington, DC - Sass Jordan
Feb. 13, 1995 - State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ - Opening "act" - guitar player from the local college.
Mar. 10, 1995 - Abraham Chavez Theater. El Paso, TX - Bone Pony
Mar. 11, 1995 - Mesa Amphitheater. Mesa, AZ
Mar. 13, 1995 - Bren Events Center. University of California. Irvine, CA - Bone Pony
Mar. 14, 1995 - Santa Barbara, CA - Bone Pony
Mar. ??, 1995 - San Francisco, CA
Mar. ??, 1995 - Warnors Theater. Fresno, CA
Mar. 22, 1995 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Continued next week...