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Happy New Year with the Journey Volunteer Task Force.

The Journey Force Newsletter dated October 7, 1982 announces the first Rock and Roll Video Game called "Escape".

We also learn that there was a rumor that Steve Perry had cancer and the date of his real birthday!

Inez Elliot retired from from the fan club while a Journey Volunteer Task Force begins...

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Journey Force News Update September 1982

In September of 1982 came this mini newsletter.

The style is a little different from before...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Journey at The Los Angeles Forum in August, 1983 for 5 nights!

In 1983 I was 20 years old and living with two room-mates who laughed at me for liking Journey. I had bought 2 tickets for each night at the Forum where Journey would be playing 5 nights. August 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 and I was going to take a different person with me every night.

During that summer I had a difficult time finding someone who wanted to go. Everyone wanted to decide later. When August came, I had more than enough people wanting to go, although not all were who I wanted. I did take two of the people who laughed at me for liking Journey by their request.

By the second night, I knew the setlist and had already bought the program and t-shirts and things, so there was nothing left to do but drink beer and enjoy the concert. By the fourth night I knew when it was OK to rush the stage. They would allow anyone to come as close as possible to the stage near the end of the show and I figured out to almost make it to the wall.

These were great times and great concerts!!

Here are my ticket stubs for the first 3 nights at the fabulous Forum 1983.

Radio Station KLOS 95.5 gave out rainbow Journey stickers at the event.

The back of the KLOS rainbow Journey sticker.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Journey announces new album title "Encounter"

This Journey Force Newsletter from mid 1982 announces the new album title to be "Encounter".

Apparently manager, Herbie Herbert, had a plan for the album to be titled "Freedom".

The album came out in February 22, 1983 titled "Frontiers".


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Journey - Day On The Green

Day on the Green was a yearly event that took place at Oakland Stadium in Oakland, California.

My friend Lisa Doan and her friends were all meeting in San Francisco and somehow I got myself invited. I also had to drive us there and back.

I had only seen Journey once before at a pre-Escape concert in Ventura, California. This time I was going to see them with hard-core Journey fans.

I think there was one other guy and 6 women. They all had crushes on either Steve Perry or Neal Schon. We stood up the entire night!

This was the first concert I've ever been to that I knew every single song and it was an incredible summer night!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Journey Force Memebership Card #5

This is my fifth and final Journey Force Membership Card.

I'm not sure why this is the last one I have because the card is dated 1990 and the Journey Force kept on running until 1994.

No longer a paper card, this card was made of a very thin plastic...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Raised On Radio Tour 1986-87

I don't remember why, but I completely missed the Raised On Radio Tour. Something just wasn't right about the album or the band.

Three years after "Frontiers" and two years after Steve Perry's solo album, "Street Talk", it didn't look like Journey had a future. Steve Perry's mother was the driving force for another Journey album and World tour.

This is the cover to the "Raised On Radio Tour Program" from 1986-87...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Journey Force Newsletter: Early 1982

The news in early 1982 for Journey was all good. They were on top. Escape was number 1 on the Billboard charts. Huge arenas were sold out. This was the biggest Journey ever got!


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Neal Schon and Steve Smith will perform together

Neal Schon and Steve Smith are recording together and will perform at Neal Schon's upcoming wedding. Read the story here...

click here for full story

Late Saturday Night Special

Here's a great sticker from the "Red 13" Tour in 2002. This was with singer Steve Augeri. Red 13 was the EP following Columbia Records dropping the band from their label. The album was produced by Neal and Jonathan. This is the tour to support that EP.