Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Journey Force Newsletter from November 1988 releases the Ultimate journey!

The Journey Force Newsletter Volume 3, Number 4 from November 1988 starts off with a The Ultimate Journey - The "Greatest Hits" album, released 11/15/1988! By the time this issue went to press, the album has already past "Gold" status and was well on it's way to "Platinum"!

This edition of the Newsletter has news about Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon in the Studio with John Waite under the name "Bad English".

This edition has two full pages of photos including Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Ross Valory. There's also a photo of the Radio Station KNGS which was the inspiration for the "Raised On Radio" album cover design.

This week starts with the first two pages of the Newsletter talking about "Greatest Hits", and Jonathan's Bad English!

Continued Next Week...

Friday, February 9, 2018


We've been offline for many months but we are happy to return this February staring with the next edition of the "Journey Force Newsletter".