Friday, July 31, 2015

Journey's Escape Album's 34th Anniversary July 31, 2015

Today is the 34th anniversary or Journey's 8th American Album, originally released on July 31, 1981!

Escape spawned the huge hits "Don't Stop Believin'", "Who's Crying Now", "Keep On Runnin'", "Stone In Love", "Still They Ride", "Mother, Father" and "Open Arms"!

The album went #1 in America, the first and only time Journey hit #1.

The Live Recording of the concert in Houston on November 6, 1981, broadcast all over the World in 1982 is also released on CD as "The Escape Tour".

The Original Album
The 1996 Remaster
The 2006 Remaster with extra songs
The Japanese Version
An interesting import from a Latin Speaking Country

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NEAL SCHON: 'The Door Has Always Been Open' For STEVE PERRY To Sing With JOURNEY Again

There's a great article at about Neal Schon opening the door for Steve Perry to sing again with Journey.

Here's what Neal says, "The door has always been open, like I've said a zillion times" "People ask me every day, 'Are you reuniting?' STEVE says 'No', and I say 'You never know'"

Read the whole article here;

There's also another great article at about the same thing.

What a dream that would be.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Journey Force Newsletter from January 1, 1985 part 1 of 3

This is an exciting newsletter from The Journey fan club, it's like Christmas in July!

The first 4 pages of the newsletter start off with a big welcome to 1985! The band's famous Christmas photo is included along with news about ex-band member, Gregg Rolie.

There is very enthusiastic talk about the band working hard on the upcoming album. This is January 1985 and the next album, Raised On Radio wasn't released until April 1986, so I can only imagine how busy there were.

Also included is a page of Christmas cheer from each member of band! Steve Perry's Foolish Heart video included a wish to everyone a Holiday Message from all members of Jouney! Jonathan Cain has some sad news to share as well, and his connection to the motion picture "The Terminator".

The last page included this week talks about the boy dying of cystic fibrosis and as his last wish had the members of the band visit him in his hospital room. There will be more to come, four pages at a time...

More next week.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journey's Escape Tour 1981-1982 Tour Book Program part 1

After the 1980 Departure Tour, Keyboardist and Vocalist Gregg Rolie decided to leave the band.

Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist for the band, "The Baby's", joined the band and they set out on the Pre-Escape Tour.

California was the first place the band played to an audience with the new line-up. I saw the band for the first time on June 7, 1981 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California. They played 5 songs from the unreleased "Escape" Album!

The Escape Tour really kicked off in Osaka, Japan on July 27, 1981 at Festival Hall. The 1981 Escape Tour ended on December 22, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Blaisdell Arena.

It was November when the tour made it back to California and that's where I picked up this Tour Book. The last page is yet another version of how the band came together, so enjoy first 7 pages and please click on each one of them to see them better...

More next week..

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The New Journey - 2001's Arrival with Steve Augeri on Vocals

In 1998 Journey released a song on the "Armageddon" soundtrack called "Remember Me".

Journey continued on with a new lead singer, Steve Augeri and a new drummer, Deen Castronovo.

The first album to be released with the new line-up was on April 3, 2001 when Columbia Records released "Arrival", Journey's 16th U.S. album. Actually 17 if you count "In The Beginning".

The album contains 15 songs in the U.S. and 16 songs in Japan. The Japanese release was in late 2000, while the U.S. release was delayed.

The Journey Force sent out many publicity photos at the time. Here are 3 more from my collection...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Journey's Friday The 13th show from July 13, 1979 proves stardom ahead in their future

Mid-way through the eight month "Evolution" Tour, on July 13th 1979, Journey went on stage at Assembly Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The band played for over an hour and 30 minutes playing hits from the "Evolution" and "Infinity" as well as a few songs from the albums before Steve Perry joined the band.

Steve's voice is a very nice addition to those which really make them come alive. I've always thought the balance between Steve Perry's and Gregg Rolie's voice is part of what made the band so special.

Here is a copy of the review that was in The Tulsa Tribune the next day, Saturday July 14, 1979.

It's a great review about the band, the show and the massive stardom they are about to embark upon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The New Journey - 2000's Arrival with Steve Augeri

In 1998 after Steve Perry refused to tour, he was replaced by a new vocalist, Steve Augeri.

Steve Augeri came from a manager position at The Gap clothing stores.

Before The Gap, Steve was the vocalist for the band "Tall Stories".

In 2000 the first Journey Album without Steve Perry since 1977 was released in Japan.

It took until April 3rd, 2001 before the USA would see the new album, ARRIVAL.

Here's a Columbia Records Press Release for the album with a biography of the band.

There are many stories as to what went on, but here's Columbia Records version of Journey's biography...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Steve Perry For The Love Of Strange Medicine Post Card / Sticker Promo from 1994

This is the Steve Perry "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" Promo Post Card from Fan Asylum.

The Journey Force had dissolved into a company called "Fan Asylum" which sold merchandise for a number of bands.

Steve Perry's 2nd Solo album, "For The Love Of Strange Medicine", released in 1994, came ten years after his first one, "Street Talk" which was released in 1984.

I received this Post Card in the mail promoting the Release date of the album as July 19, 1994.

The card is also a sticker which peels off the Post Card backing...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Journey Frontiers Bumper Sticker from 1983

Frontiers, the 9th US album from the musical group "Journey".

Frontiers was the first album cover to deviate from the feathers and scarab ideas.

The pictures of the band were of them skydiving.

Skydiving, even 35 years later it doesn't make any sense to me, Skydiving?

Here's the Bumper Sticker which actually measures 2" X 12.5" including the black on the sides...