Saturday, January 30, 2016

Journey's 1983 Frontiers Tour Continues with Photos Of Steve Perry and Neal Schon

Journey's 1983 Frontiers Tour Continues with Photos Of Steve Perry and Neal Schon.

The next five pages show some great Close-Up photos of Steve and Neal starting with the shot of Steve on the bus. There's also a great shot of Neal singing and having a go with his Guitar. We end with two shots of Steve, the last being the famous camel toe shot where he's pointing to the sky.

Neal was of course a founding member of JOURNEY back in 1973. It was 1978 that Steve Perry stole Robert Flieshman's job as Lead Singer in the band. It was a great move as JOURNEY was on top of the World by this time in 1983!

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Journey 1983 Frontiers Tour Book continues on (part IV)

Part IV of the Journey 1983 Frontiers Tour Book continues this week with more pictures of the members of the band!

The Frontiers Tour is time that I had two tickets to all five nights at the Los Angeles Forum. Being able to take five different people each night to see my favorite band while I was 19 years old was incredible. 

I was able to tell Steve Perry that I saw him live at the Forum five nights in a row once and he went on to tell me that his mother was sick at the time, so that tour was kind of a blur to him.

The next five pages of the Tour Program shows excellent shots of Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory. There's also some nice shots Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, and Steve Smith...

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Journey's 1983 Frontier's Tour Book Part IV with Centerfold Poster

There are two posters from the 1983 Frontiers Tour Program featured this week. The Frontiers Tour was a grueling 8 months around the World and back again. When the Tour was over Steve Perry started working on his first solo album, "Street Talk" while Steve Smith went back to record with his other band "Vital Information". Neal always had side projects and he really expanded on them during this time. 

This is the first time "Journey" didn't work on new songs during their Tour, they concentrated on the solo projects which kept delaying any work on a new album for far too long.

The first poster is a great shot of the band on Tour. It doesn't even matter that Steve Smith is just an added shot in the corner. Way back in the dark, Ross Valory ended up having the least flattering shot of the group.

This next one is the Centerfold Poster. It's an excellent shot of the band playing. There are also insert shots of each member of the band. It would seem that Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain never change their shirts on Tour.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Journey's 1983 Frontiers Tour Book Program part III

This week's edition of the 1983 Frontiers Tour Book is the next 5 pages of band pictures starting with full shot of Steve Perry, the remaining Steve we need back in the band!

The Frontiers album was released on February 22, 1983 and if it wasn't for Michael Jackson's Thriller being released on 2-26-1983, Journey would have had another #1 album in the USA! Instead, Journey had to settle for #2.

The album spawned 4 singles in 1983 and was certified 6 times Platinum by the year 1997. Also included are mini bios for Steve Smith and Neal Schon...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Journey's 1983 Frontiers Tour Book Program continues

Part II of the Frontiers Tour Book from 1983 contains 5 pictures. There is one each of all the band members. These have some sort or heat recognition posterization going on.

By now Journey is exhausted after the grueling 2 year Escape Tour and creating the "Frontiers" album. Somehow they were able to pull off an album that was an excellent follow up for "Escape".

By now, it was a machine, a hard working, well oiled machine.

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