Thursday, September 1, 2016

Journey with Robert Fleischman WHEEL IN THE SKY (demo) UPGRADED SOUND

I've updated my video for the Wheel In The Sky (demo) with Robert Fleischman as lead vocalist with significantly better audio quality. This one does not sound muddy. 

If you've never heard Robert Fleischman singing "Wheel In The Sky" with Journey, you are in for a treat! As Journey was recording songs with their new singer/songwriter there are a few demo's floating around from 1977. Of course, Herbie Herbert pushed Robert out to make a place for Steve Perry, but Robert's pop songwriting and singing style helped prepare the band for making rock and pop hits. Robert co-wrote this song as well as others on the "Infinity" album. Without Robert's contribution, "Infinity" might not have been "Infinite".

Sit back and taste a piece of Robert's magic...

I found Robert Fleischmann's side of the story. There's a great in-depth interview by Dave Golland with For any Journey fan of the Gregg Rolie days, this is a must read!

Robert Fleischman Interview 1-08-2003

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