Saturday, November 23, 2013

Journey at The Rose Bowl July 2, 1982

I had seen Journey on the "Escape Tour" already, but then in 1982 they toured again playing huge arenas.

It was a hot summer day in Los Angeles. I had never been to the Rose Bowl since I was very young. It was so big and had these great tunnels out to the stands. Before the show and between the Triumph and Blue Oyster Cult sets they would spray water into the audience in front of the stage.

It had cooled down a bit by the time Journey came on and they put on a fantastic show that night. It was over before I knew it and the fireworks were shooting off into the Pasadena sky for over 5 minutes.

This was July 2nd, 1982 and it was the biggest event I'd been to so far...

The Ad in The Los Angeles Times 1982

My other leftover ticket

Radio Station KLOS 95.5 Rainbow Stickers were given out at the event


  1. A real "rock concert". Great stuff.

  2. I was there! I have to admit, it was mostly for Blue Oyster Cult, but what a show all around... the fireworks display was one of the most intense I can recall, even to this day. I'm pretty sure it went on for considerably longer than 5 minutes. A friend of mine was... shall we say "peaking" at the time, and he actually hid under a car during the pyrotechnic kerfuffle. What a blast!

  3. 1st concert i ever went to. Was 12 years old ans rhere was a huge food fight between sets,,,

  4. I was at this show and partied all night the night before in order to be right in front of the stage. best concert of many I had been to. I had to rescue a young lady down there in front that had been trampled on and was bloody, got her to the fence where security took her to medics....then they took me backstage to sit for the rest of the show....met the whole Band after the fireworks. EXCELLENT Memories.....Best show EVER!

  5. Wow was there with two good friends, we graduated high school a month prior and life was just starting for us.

    Before entering the stadium there was a food truck and some in the crowd took food from it. It was an all day outside concert with warm to hot temps.

    Bands during the day were great and there was a massive "food fight" involving the entire stadium! I don’t remember what food or drinks we had or how we got them but can’t forget surreal scene tens of thousands of people playfully tossing items in the air at the same time.

    We thought concerts consisted of two bands but it seemed like there was eight or so (later read there were four Aldo Nova, Triumph, BOC, and Journey all great bands on the top of their game).

    Journey played at night and they were so clear and tight it sounded like a record, the many concerts I have been in the decades since then never heard such high quality sound. After the concert was one of the biggest firework shows ever, entire sky full of exploding shells.

    My girlfriend had brought us in her car and she had a powerful for the day amp and we drove away rocking to AC/DC.

    What an experience had no idea were going to one of the best concerts in history. Don’t recall meaness or negativity from anyone there, so different than today. Wish we could go back to those days of innocence.

  6. I was there. My girlfriend and I hitched a ride with her older brothers who were going to see BOC. We were there for Journey. It was such a hot California day. We waited patiently and then it happened....Steve Perry and the band came on stage. It was incredible! They were everything I imagined. From wheel in the sky to lights I couldn't get enough. It was the beginning of my love for Journey. I think I have only missed a handful of shows ever since. I was fortunate to see Steve at least 5 times after that. No one can ever replace him. He is the best and even though he's not with them I'm still a die hard fan. Journey is the soundtrack of the best years of my life.

  7. This was my 1st concert ever, it was unforgettable, they all rocked! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Saw Journey on 2 July,1982@ the Rose Bowl for the Escape tour.
    Full list was one hit wonder Aldo Nova...........along with Triumph, BOC and Journey.
    One of the best pyro shows from Journey that I can still remember.
    Steve Perry kicked ass.....period.
    Best part for me tho' was when BOC did "Roadhouse Blues" and the frontman rolled out on a BEAUTIFUL blue Shovelhead after a sweet drum solo.....but, then again, I'm an old scooter tramp.
    Also wasn't hip to Triumph til then and they friggin' kicked some serious butt for a 3 man band!
    Nancy & I were {looking at the stage} on the L/side in the stands and I remember it was hot as hell.
    They were running the water cannon for folks on the field, but we declined the mud, in favor of the "2 Fingers Gold" tequila we had in the cooler.
    Good decision!

  9. Mike from Lakeside, CAJune 11, 2018 at 10:04 PM

    I was there too and drove up from San Diego to the Rose Bowl with a friend. It was my first concert too and I'll never forget it.