Saturday, January 18, 2014

Journey at the Greek Theatre

It was a great night. This was the first time I would see Journey in 17 years.
This time I'd be taking my wife, so at least I had a date this time.

As usual I arrived early, I had my ice chest full of beer, so I was set. When it was time we walked to the gate and on the way to our seats, I noticed that something was different than I remember from the concerts in the 80's and that there were Police and Security everywhere. I bought the usual shirt and things, but there wasn't a program to be had.

With a handful of beer, we waited for the show to begin and it started with John Waite (The Baby's). By the time Peter Frampton was done, I was ready for Journey to take the stage!

As soon as the lights went out and the music began, that familiar waft that I remember so fondly from Journey concerts of the past filled the air. Now it felt like a concert at last!

What a fabulous night under the stars it was. As usual, Journey put on a phenomenal show. The new singer, Steve Augeri, did an excellent job although he just stood there. An hour and a half flew by and suddenly the show was over...

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