Monday, September 8, 2014

Ross Valory's "The VU: Pheonix Rising" original album cover

At a time when iconic AOR band "Journey" was inactive, members were split amongst multiple projects. One of these projects was "The VU"; formed in 1984 and led by bassist Ross Valory, "The Vu" featured lead singer Kevin Chalfant, guitarist Steff Burns, drummer Prairie Prince and keyboardist Tim Gorman.

The subsequent album "Phoenix Rising", recorded in 1985 was shelved partly due to the reformation of "Journey" for a new album and tour in 1986. From the rhythm guitars, to the keyboard melodies, to the song structures to Kevin's vocals, "The VU" does justice to Journey's legacy.

Here's the original cover to the album originally released overseas in 1986...

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  1. Very interesting. Something familiar about that cover art. Can't quite put my finger on it..