Saturday, November 1, 2014

Steve Perry at the Giants game 6 in Kansas City!

Here are some great pictures and the story of Steve Perry showing up in Kansas City for game 6 of the World Series.

Steve was also taking photos with fans.

Read the whole story at Yahoo News...


  1. Steve wasn't happy at the end of that game - the Giants lost. But, they won the series the next night! Don't Stop Believin'.

  2. This is proof that people love Steve Perry. Here he is, a die hard SF Giants fan, wearing Giants hat and jacket, surrounded by a sea of blue Kansas City Royals fans, in Kansas City, and the Royals kill the Giants 10 to 0. Any other Giants fan would run and hide behind the nearest hot dog vendor. Not Steve. He stayed, smiled, shook hands and posed for pictures (with adoring Royals fans no less). That is why everyone loves Steve.