Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Walter James (Herbie) Herbert, Journey's mastermind and manager

Walter James (Herbie) Herbert II was born on February 5, 1948.

Herbie formed a band after the implosion of Santana at the time. He brought Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie from Santana and Ross Valory and George Tickner from Frumious Bandersnatch in 1973.

With Prairie Prince as drummer, the band started out as a backup group. In 1973 the band developed a distinctive jazz fusion style and after one show, Aynsley Dunbar replaced Prairie Prince as the band's drummer.

The road manager, John Villaneuva, came up with the name "Journey" and on February 5, 1974 Herbie and the band signed with Columbia Records.

In 1977 Herbie brought in a new vocalist named Steve Perry and by 1981 they were the #1 band in America.

Journey fell apart in 1987 when Steve Perry wanted to stop.

Herbie Herbert was fired by Steve Perry in 1993 which ended the very successful run for Journey.

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