Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Journey Force (Fan Club) Newsletter September 1, 1984, part 1 of 2

At this point the Journey Force Newsletter talked about solo projects more than the band itself, because there really was no band at this time.

Solo projects were taking over. Steve Smith was beginning his third album with Vital Information, Steve Perry riding high on the success of hid first solo album, Street Talk, and Neal Schon is busy playing Guitar in England, working with John Entwistle, the bassist from The Who.

Gregg Rolie is mentioned in this edition for his first solo album and for playing in the Rockdogs Softball Game.

This edition also includes more Task Force instructions. The whole Task Force idea never really worked, but here's some great nostalgia while trying to work it out.

We end this week on the first half of the merchandise page, and remember non of these items can be ordered now.


  1. I love the bit about the Walk of Fame star. Does Journey now have a star?

    1. Ah, never mind, I just remembered you did a post about their star.