Saturday, December 19, 2015

Journey Frontiers 1983 Tour Program Book Cover

Journey's Frontiers Tour began on February 22, 1983 in Nagoya Japan. That same night the Frontiers Album was released in the U.S.A. The first U.S. Date was on March 28, 1983 in Seattle Washington. The tour continued until September 6, 1983 where the last date was played in Honolulu Hawaii at the Blaisdell Arena.

The Cover of the giant Tour Book is a solarized blue and red version of the Frontiers Album Cover depicting Elmo's Head.

The next two pages included this week are combined so that it can also be used as a poster. If possible I'll create a text file of what's printed on the left and post it next week.

For the next few weeks I will be posting the entire tour book, so stay tuned....

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