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Journey's Concert Ticket Evolution Through Time part 6, Insanity

The momentum that had been building for Journey first got derailed with a Journey release that was't Journey, at least not all the way. Steve Perry released a solo album called "Street Talk" which sold as well as any Journey album so he was all of a sudden a star. This meant that he was in control of Journey. This is when all logic was thrown out so that Steve Perry could turn Journey into his next solo project.

The album and Tour is called "Raised On Radio," the only other Journey album title since "Look Into The Future" to be more than one word. Founding member, Ross Valory, and Steve Smith were fired by Steve Perry and replaced with studio musicians. When it came time to tour, Randy Jackson and Mike Baird were brought in for Bass and drums. This band no longer sounded like Journey and they sure didn't like Journey either.

After the many delays and only having one song on that album that actually sounds like a Journey song, "Be Good Yourself", the band set off on Tour. The shows were big, the video projection was better than ever, but some the audience had lost interest in Journey by now. The shows were hardly Journey shows, with all the added songs from solo projects and adding an Elvis Presley tune it didn't sound much like Journey. The 1986 band didn't resemble the 1970's version of the band at all.

When the Tour was over Steve Perry decided to stop and he went into seclusion and wouldn't be seen with Journey until 1991. Finally in 1993 Steve Perry was no longer a member of the band and Herbie Herbert would no longer be their manager.

October 1, 1986 - Freedom Hall. Louisville, KY - Glass Tiger

October 26, 1986 - Meadowlands Arena. E. Rutherford, NJ - Glass Tiger

December 10, 1986 - The Summit. Houston, TX - Glass Tiger

December 27, 1986 - Long Beach Arena. Long Beach, CA - Glass Tiger

1994 marks the year of the return of Steve Perry. Steve released his second album titled "For The Love Of Strange Medicine". The album wasn't as successful as 1984's "Street Talk" but Steve did Tour this time around. Steve Perry toured through 1994 and 1995 while Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain worked on other projects including "Bad English" and "The Storm".

January 11, 1995 - Steve Perry - Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR

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