Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry's mom mentions her crush on Steve Perry

Steve Perry was Journey's lead singer from 1978 to 1997. He has been sorely missed ever since. Everywhere he shows up, he causes a frenzy. Whether he goes to a baseball game, or a coffee shop, when he's in public, he is almost always noticed and surrounded by fans. This is 20 years after leaving the band.

Teenage girls are still infatuated with him and post his pictures whenever they can. His name and face shows up in some of the greatest places. He once showed up on the couch in my office at work, really. He was very nice and he's always very gracious when he meets the fans.

He is mentioned in movies, TV shows, radio, and even in cartoons. I found him even mentioned on E!'s "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry". It seems Tyler's mother is still in love with Steve Perry. That's the one person she would really like to meet. She even wants Tyler to do a "reading" on Steve Perry.

Here's a setup of the show and then the clip...

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