Saturday, February 25, 2017

Journey's Eclipsed - The Popularity of a Band and their Eclipse

Just recently I was at my local Walmart in Porter ranch California and came across the CD section and found where all the "Eclipse" albums went. Here's a very sad picture the Journey section...

I always thought this album sold well, they did a great marketing job and had a special vinyl edition that sold out. I didn't really care for the album and couldn't figure out who was buying it. It looks like Walmart has all of them. Here's another picture at the Van Nuys, California store. The staff decided to dedicate the entire A-M sections to hold their collection of the "Eclipse" album.

Obviously Journey's popularity has dwindled a bit since the Steve Perry days. I'm not even sure they play any new music at their shows. "Eclipse was released in 2011 and Journey hasn't released a new song since. Maybe the thinking is why bother putting out new music if nobody will buy it and it just sits on the shelves. Maybe if we got serious and wrote some more great songs in the old style. The album "Revolution" was a huge hit because it had good music in their old style. It even had sub-standard versions of their old hits re-recorded with Arnel Pineta's voice on a separate CD, along with a DVD of one of Arnel's first shows with Journey. It didn't need any of the extra stuff, it was a solid album. Then they followed up with this. A shame really.

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