Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1987 part IV - Conclusion

This weeks edition of The Journey Force Newsletter dated November 1987 is all about Bits and Pieces. We begin with the Pen Pals section which is was the only way Journey fans could find each other beside going to a show.

My favorite part this week is That Rolling Stone Magazine voted "Raised On Radio" number in the top pop/rock/soul category. Really, of all time albums ever, even in 1987 seems to me a bit shocking that of all the Journey albums, "Raised On Radio" is the 4th on a list of top 10 albums of all time.

Ted nugget says that Neal Schon has in fact come close to reversing the axis of the Earth in doing such brilliant Guitar solos. That I do believe! Neal has been one of the best Guitar Players of all time almost all his life.

In other news of the day, Steve Perry's song, "Happy To Give" makes it onto the soundtrack to the surf film, "North Shore".

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