Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Birthday WHEEL IN THE SKY blog With A Tear In Your Eye

October 26, 2013 was the opening day for my blog, "WHEEL IN THE SKY blog".

Because of you this site is seen all over the World.

I'm forever yours.

I will always try to bring you interesting items and stories, we've only just begun.

Here is an audio only demo of 1985's "With A Tear" with Steve Perry's vocals, enjoy...

This song originally appeared on the 1992 Box set "Time 3" as an instrumental.

When I am able to put together a proper video, this will appear in the "Rare" section of this website.


  1. Congrats on one year. Keep on turnin'.

  2. One of my favorites...wish this demo performed as an instrumental on Time 3 could have been completed ♥

  3. Don't know why this gem was left out!! He sounds so bluesy and rocking on this one! WTH?! I'd bet the bank he's got more gems like this one that we've never heard. Wish I knew what he was waiting for!! I miss, "The Voice"!! I'm not talking about the show, either!!

    1. I agree with you Donna, I know that there are at least enough of these left over gems to create an album or maybe even a double album. Wouldn't that be nice?