Thursday, October 23, 2014

Original Journey Vinyl Album Shrink Wrap Stickers for Infinity and Evolution

I've still got the stickers that were attached to my "Infinity" and "Evolution" albums I bought in 1980.

Albums were great back then . They were 12 inch square pieces of art. Sometimes there would be a cool record liner with notes or pictures and sometimes there were posters in there.

These are the stickers that are slapped on the shrink wrap of the album and usually discarded along with the shrink wrap. These show a little age, especially the one for "Evolution."

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  1. Good post. I used to keep the shrink wrap on my albums. I used an exacto knife to cut through one side so I could slip the LP out without damaging the rest of the shrink wrapped album. I treated these covers like delicate Fabergé eggs.