Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Journey Force Newsletter New Large Format from July 1985

Welcome to the first edition of the newsletter featuring the larger format!
The newsletter now is on giant newsprint paper. The color pictures are much better now!

The front cover of the newsletter in July 1985 shows the band with a Journey fan named Ami Valentine. Read all about Ami's struggle with blindness and how the band Journey was ready to help.

Also there are many pictures of members of the band with Journey Force Staff including Cynthia Poon. I met Cynthia at a Journey Concert in Oakland in 1982. I still have the jacket that she is wearing in the picture of her with Steve Smith.

The third page this week is the very popular Mailing With Department Codes page. The other half of the page is sale items from the Journey merchandise store.

Continued Next Week...

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