Saturday, February 27, 2016

Drummer Steve Smith Rejoins Journey in 2015 for the 2016 Tour

Journey's Third Drummer, STEVE SMITH, was with the band from 1979 until 1997, give or take a couple years in the 1986 area. Steve was also the best drummer. His drums and percussion helped create the known "Journey Sound".

Steve Smith and Neal Schon of Journey
Steve Smith has joined the band again and will begin playing on the 2016 Tour set to begin at Madison Square Garden in New York City on April 13, 2016!

Journey pretty much plays the Greatest Hits and the albums after 1986 are often left out. Steve Smith knows all those songs since he helped create them. Adding his drumming style to the later songs if ever brought out in concert would be an excellent addition making them sound more like the "old Journey"

The first photo of the new line-up of JOURNEY!
You can find more about Steve Smith at his Vital Information website link below;

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