Thursday, June 23, 2016

Steve Perry announces new Album to be released in 2016

On 12-15-2015 Steve Perry called The Mark In The Morning Show to wish Uncle Joe Benson a Happy Birthday and announces a new album coming in 2016!

Mark Thompson of Mark In The Morning hosts the radio show that D.J. and radio personality Uncle Joe Benson was visiting on his birthday on 12-10-15. Steve Perry called in as a mystery guest to also say "happy birthday" but he also let something else out. Steve Perry says that he is working on an album that should be ready in early 2016.

During the phone call Uncle Joe, Mark Thompson and Billy Gardell are there providing jokes and other fun facts about Uncle Joe.

This is the FULL LENGTH version of the entire phone call. Nothing has been edited in any way in this version. This version adds 5 minutes to the length...

This is the SHORT version of the phone call. Anything that didn't pertain to Steve Perry and Uncle Joe has been edited out. This version has 5 minutes edited out...

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