Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Journey Force Fan Club Newsletter from November 1, 1986, part 3

There's still not a whole lot of "Raised On Radio" merchandise available through the newsletter, I really like the Tuxedo Jacket with Tails. Pen Pals is always fun to read the comments people write about what they are looking for in a pen pal. 

There's also a new section called "Journey's Mailbag" where they share some peoples comments from the letters they write to the band. It looks like people are really enjoying the live shows!  The "Special Force Seating" was really a joke because you had to go to box office of the venue to purchase the tickets. Even if the concert was sold out, they had tickets available for Journey Force Members, but I wouldn't count on it.

The last page of the Newsletter starts off with answering questions from members who wrote in. There's a question about a rumor that "Raised On Radio" would be Journey's last tour. There's also another "Radio Pass" contest where someone can win backstage passes for the shows.

We end this week on giving the gift of Journey...

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