Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas from Herbie Herbert and Journey 1983 Journey Force Christmas Card

Journey was as big as they ever got in 1983! They were the biggest band in America with sold-out shows all across the World! It looked like nothing could stop them, they were getting bigger and bigger, selling more and more records. Journey was constantly on television talk shows as well ad radio shows and interviews.

Between the years of 1981 and 1983, the three albums released, "Captured", "Escape", and "Frontiers" were their three biggest selling albums to date. It's no wonder that after these three years of grueling hard work that they would want to take a break. Who knows what could have been accomplished by 1985 had everything kept on track. They might have actually reached "Freedom". That's the name that was supposed to be the next album set for release in 1985. It probably would have meant Freedom from Columbia Records, Freedom to be on their own, Freedom to do whatever they wanted. 

This is the last of the original Christmas Cards sent to Journey Force members. I remember receiving this, the third year in a row. In a way, it had become expected by now and not quite as exciting. It's still a great treat to receive a Card every year from The Journey Force. This one shows what the stage show looked like during the "Frontiers Tour"...

Happy Holidays from WHEEL IN THE SKY

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