Saturday, December 17, 2016

Steve Perry For The Love Of Strange Medicine Tour 1994-1995 Picture Book, part 8

This week concludes the Steve Perry "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" Tour Book. A great Concert Program even though there wasn't much more than a bunch of pictures of Steve Perry. Steve Perry and his band didn't have any kind of a history. What it was though was a way to hear Steve Perry sing Journey songs live again!

For The Love Of Strange Medicine kept Steve busy from 1993-1995 while it looked for sure like the Journey was really over. All other members of Journey kept active during this time, yet they didn't have the voice that could only be heard at this show!

The last page of the Tour Book is an advertisement for Steve Perry's second solo album, "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" for without it, there would be no tour or this excellent Concert Program. The album ended up spawning two singles, "You Better Wait", and "Missing You" from the eleven songs on the original album.

The tour to promote the album lasted a full six months before ending in early 1995. By the end on 1995 Steve was already working again with Journey on a new reunion album called "Trial By Fire" that was released in October 1996.

The back cover of the Tour Book is a giant "Steve Perry" logo. It's a beautiful white lettering with the Strange Medicine design behind it in red, all with a deep rick black background. As of this date, there is rumor of a third Steve Perry solo album to be released in 2017 after many years of delay.

Another regret I have is never seeing this show. I have no idea why I missed this. I was a huge Steve Perry fan as I always have since 1980. I was upset at the whole "Raised On Radio" fiasco and the end of Journey, but I would have wanted to go I think. I was making enough money at the time, this was the 1990's when the Motion Picture Industry was still a great industry. Maybe I was just too busy working overtime, we may never know why...

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