Monday, May 12, 2014

Journey Live In Japan 1981 CD and DVD packages.

In this week's video blog, I go on location to Tokyo, Japan.

To celebrate the February 16, 2010 release of "Live In Japan", I do this report in Tokyo, right outside Budokan Hall where this live 2 CD package and the DVD package were recorded back on July 31, 1981.

It's an exciting night in Japan as people walk by while we talk about these 2 sets.

I find it funny that the picture on the cover has Gregg Rolie with the band when Jonathan Cain was the keyboard player at the time.

Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan;


  1. Brilliant! Journeyman in Japan.

  2. Watch out for Gojira!

  3. The reason Gregg Rolie is on the cover is because Journey never officially released this show :-) It was also unofficially released and sold in London a few years back (maybe 2010) and sold on Amazon with a different title. I guess Amazon got wind it wasn't a real Journey release and they pulled it rather fast. But not before some friends I have over there were able to buy a copy. The version from London was unfortunately not a good copy and looked worse than many of the fan based versions circulating over the years. Was this Japan release a clean, 5.1, excellent copy or was it a less than perfect video (faded, high generation tape copy) too? I wish the band would officially release this show because it's an excellent mix of the pre Escape Journey and the Escape Journey eras in music content!

    1. It's a great clean 4X3 NTSC copy with 5.1 sound. It's a great video!

  4. Do you know where this could be purchased? Would love to have one. 😊