Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Journey Force Newsletter from January 1, 1985 part 3 of 3

The excitement of this edition of the fan club's newsletter keeps on going. It's like Christmas in August!

The ever so popular "Mailing with Department Codes" page is sure to delight with all it's great information about how to mail the Journey Force!

The end of the year inventory sale merchandise page, because we needed 3 merchandise pages this time. I have the Sunglasses, The Duffel Bag, and the 1983-1984 World Tour Program, or Tour Book as I like to call it.

Individual Christmas photos of all members of the band is the featured highlight this week. These photos are very rare and I've only ever seen them as the page in the newsletter and I'd really like to see better quality photos of the Journey 1984 Christmas photo shoot.

This ends this edition of the Journey Force Newsletter, look for the next edition soon...


  1. The Journey 1984 Christmas photo shoot is rare indeed, with a very interesting history: Legend has it that the first version featured the original tree that everyone loved. It was a big success, but ultimately it got a little full of itself. So the tree left to go solo. Then the band found a replacement tree that was impressive, but just didn’t look right. Then another and perhaps another tree. I’ve lost count. But finally the band found a perfect replacement on youtube… a smaller, younger tree from the Philippines. However, rumor has it that the original tree may return. We can only dream.

    1. Wait a minute, I meant 'singer' not 'tree'. Sorry, the heat of summer is getting to me. I can’t wait for autumn to come so I can watch the leaves fall from the singers. I mean trees.

    2. Mantoo, Journey was not a band that was into drugs.