Saturday, August 8, 2015

Journey's Escape Tour 1981-1982 Tour Book Program part 3

The History of Journey comes to a conclusion and we're now in 1981!

The Captured album was sort of a Greatest Hits from Infinity through Departure. It's really the 1980 Departure on 2 vinyl albums which went double platinum!

The Escape was about to begin. The album was released on July 31st 1981 and by November hit #1 in America. Escape was the  biggest selling Studio album Journey ever had. The album spawned 5 chart topping singles including one of the songs, "Don't Stop Believin'" which was rereleased in 2009 due to it's people;parity as the #1 downloaded song. This was one of those albums that you bought on vinyl and then you had to buy again on CD due to the timing of the release. The Audio Cassette was also still a big seller for your car, so you might have had 3 versions of this album at the time. The album and singles were in the charts through 1981 and 1982.

You also get a great picture of Neal Schon playing guitar!


Continued next week...

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