Saturday, August 22, 2015

Journey's Escape Tour 1981-1982 Tour Book Program part 5; The Band

A great shot of Steve Perry made into a Poster. Steve Perry joined the band in 1978 when they were trying to extend the vocal range of the band. The balance between Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie's voices is what Journey so special and something was definitely lost when Gregg left the band in 1980. What was gained was one of the greatest song writing teams ever assembled, Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain. You put that with Neal Schon's Guitar playing and you simply have magic.

Steve was main reason reason the band started gaining more success. His flawless voice combined with his excellent song writing abilities made him the star of the band. Being told how great you are can play tricks with your head and so this tour was last time we would hear that impeccably perfect voice the way we've come to love it again. It was this tour, especially with Bill Graham's 1982 big arena leg of the tour that strained his voice beyond repair. Starting with the "Frontiers" album you'll notice a slightly raspier voice coming through, still unmistakably Steve Perry, but yet not quite the same. Still to this day, the greatest singing voice the World has ever seen!

Lead Vocals. A range that would astound an opera fan and an unsurpassed rapport with every person in the audience. He's a man in love with his craft. The consummate composer, singer and entertainer.

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