Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1984 Part 2 of 3

We start off part 2 of the November 1984 Journey Force Newsletter with Steve Smith thanking everybody for all the birthday cards and messages he received. The pages this week all feature Steve Smith as the winner of the "Vital Information" giveaway is announced.

The beginnings of trouble within the inner circle is showing with the "Steve Perry Street Talk" merchandise items not legally allowed to be sold through The Journey Force. I find it odd because Steve Perry and Journey have the same manager and record label, so it doesn't make sense unless something is going on behind the scenes.

We end this week on the "The Merchandise Pages". Journey did sell some great items back in the day. I really wish I bought more of these items, but I was 20 years old at this time in history and I had to be selective. I would love to have this "Frontiers" satin jacket. I do have the folding sunglasses and the duffel bag.

Continued next week...

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