Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Journey Force Newsletter from November 1984 Part 3 of 3

This week is the third part of the Journey Force Newsletter dated November 1, 1984.

Since the next Journey album is a few months away, the Task Force asks all it's members to help get Steve Perry's Street Talk music videos more airplay on MTV. That's right, MTV was where you went to watch music videos from all your favorite bands. It was called Music Television. I wish we still something like that.

The Task Force was a concept that I never understood at the time, it never made any sense, who was a part of this force and how do you join? We also get some questions answered as well as instructions about sending the band members Christmas gifts.

Moving to the next page completely dedicated to mailing department codes and change of address forms. This was always a fan favorite at the time. No sense in spending another page telling us about our favorite band.

It's like Christmas all over again as the next page is all about giving a membership to the Journey Force to a friend for Christmas. Luckily I was already a member as no-one ever gave me this as a gift.

The newsletter ends with more pictures of Steve Smith picking the winners for the "Vital Information" contest. Also pictured is Tim, the president of The Journey Force!

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