Saturday, September 19, 2015

Journey's Escape Tour 1981-1982 Tour Book Program part 9; More Band

This week in the Escape Tour Book, or Program, we have a look into the future.

In just 5 years years time, these three members are all that's left of the band. After this tour is when the real friction begins resulting in their own destruction.

Neal Schon jamming in the bathroom before a show. Steve in the recording booth, and Jay just relaxing on a couch before a show. I've always wondered who the person is that's behind Neal in the bathroom.

We also get a full page shot of vocalist Steve Perry playing guitar. He's wearing that famous red shirt from the Departure era. That could even be Gregg Rolie's set-up behind him for all we know.

Great memories from the great "Escape" shows!

Continued next week...

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