Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Journey Force Newsletter from July 1985 ends with Questions Answered

This week is the conclusion of the July 1985 Journey Force Newsletter.

The first page is the familiar Merchandise Page. Take notice that what used to take up 2 to 3 pages is now 1 page. Without a new album or Tour in sight, all they really have is what is left over. I would love to have that Journey Force Satin Jacket and Infinity Beach Towel!

Your Questions Answered comes next. There are questions about Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie! They always seem to add the "how do I order merchandise" question.

The Pen pal Page comes next. It's not really a page, but a column. The Journey Fan Club had a way for Journey fans all over the Country to become pen pals. This was before computers were in anyone's homes.

There is also a list of Policy Changes to the Journey Force and Task Force...

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