Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Journey Force Newsletter from April 1, 1987 - Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon Interview

Volume 1, Number 5;

the first two pages of the Journey Force Newsletter from April 1, 1987 is mostly an interview with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain. They talk about the Tour and what is in store in their futures,

The Interview makes it sound like the "Raised On Radio Tour" ended on a high note and the band members are going to be very busy very soon. The truth is in fact, the tour never made it to Japan as scheduled, Steve Perry ended the Tour early after the North American comitments. The only excuse ever given was that he just wanted to stop.

The Interview goes on to say that because the band members will be so busy with their upcoming solo projects that there won't be any time for "Journey" projects. Huh, what? Well, that should tell you something is very wrong in the Journey camp. What do you "no time for Journey"? That's what this whole thing is all about in the first place! They make it sound like it's OK because each band member have exciting projects ahead, including Gregg Rolie.

Win The Shirt off Journey's Back. 

A simple contest where you can win one of the many shirts either Steve, Neal or Jonathan wore during the "Raised On Radio Tour". That would be one of the coolest Journey memorabilia items ever!

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