Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Journey Force Newsletter from April 1, 1987 part 3, Merchandise

The Final three pages of The Journey Force Newsletter from April 1, 1987 brings us PEN PALS.

Before the internet, before there even computers. Actually, before there were cars, there Pen Pals. With email, they have taken a whole new shape today. It was a way that people communicated over a long distance. If people moved to another State, someone you met at summer camp or on vacation, a distant relative, or whatever, it was the only way to communicate until the telephone came along. Long distance calls are more expensive so writing was the way to do it. It faded out as the years went on until email brought it back.

It looks like Journey is now offering a new "Raised On Radio" Jacket. I'm glad I passed on this one and very sorry I never got the "Tux & Tails" Jacket. I wish the merchandise wasn't only clothing, I wish they were more creative. The Car would have been cool. A Radio that played Journey songs and was a real radio would have really cool! Jewelry and things in the past were always great, but none this time around.

I no longer live at the address on the last page so I can't become your Pen Pal at that address...

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