Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Journey Force was also replaced by The Steve Perry Information Network in 1994

The very last issue of The Journey Force Newsletter was sent out in January 1994. This was the end of the 20 year Journey and all that was created around it.

The Merchandise portion of The Journey Force turned into Fan Asylum which was a merchandise outlet for many groups including Journey. Steve Perry was not part of it.

Steve Perry started the "Steve Perry Information Network", or "S.P.I.N." This was supposed to be  network of members that would work a lot like any fan club except the internet was beginning so the word "Network" got confusing. I don't exactly know how long it was in business or how well it did. My guess is that it died out after the excitement of Steve Perry's new album and tour was over.

Here is the postcard with all the sign-up instructions and what the $25 price will cover...

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