Saturday, March 8, 2014

Journey 1998 Vacation's Over Tour Backstage Pass

Here's a great backstage pass from 1998.

This was the time after Steve Perry left the band and they really needed to get on the road. This was the first tour since 1987 and the first time Journey has played together since 1991.

Steve Augeri was the new vocalist.

It was a "greatest hits" tour since the album "Trial By Fire" which was released in 1996 wasn't the main focus since Steve Perry was no longer with the band.

Journey Toured in 1998 as "The Vacations Over Tour" and again in 1999 as "The Under The Radar Tour" before switching gears toward the next Studio Album, "Arrival" coming soon.

This is a ticket stub for the 1998 Vacations Over Tour for the show in Fresno, California...

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