Monday, March 31, 2014

The Essential Journey Promotional Flat and Poster

This week's Video blog is about Journey's other Greatest Hits collection "The Essential Journey".

This was put out by Columbia Records to make some money since "Arrival" didn't live up to their expectations.

This is a great 2 disc collection of all the greatest Journey hits. There have been more than one version available and I will talk about those.

Sit back and enjoy...


  1. Another great video. Very funny beginning. I had no idea that Journey had so many greatest hits albums.
    Bananarama? Yikes.

  2. Funny start. :)

    Very interesting. You're right, "As Seen on TV" is an odd thing to have on there. Now, is that a reference to seeing Journey on TV, or did they advertise this heavily on TV, like via a home shopping channel or something, and that's why it's there?

    Good work, Journey Man. Where is the Bananarama blog?