Monday, March 3, 2014

Journey Trial By Fire Promotional Band Poster

On October 22, 1996 Journey released a reunion album with the whole band back together again.

The album was unannounced and they even had a Grammy Nomination for the song "When You Love A Woman".

The band was unable to tour which left the album basically unnoticed.

Here's a view at the big oversized poster of the band to promote the album...


  1. Good video. It's strange that the record company would use that photo on the back, it's so depressing looking. It looks like none of them wanted to be there. Also, the fact that the cover had no band name or title was a strange choice. Artistically, it's pretty cool. Peter Gabriel had done it many times. But this was a reunion/comeback album. They needed to make a splash and make it known to the world that this is a JOURNEY album. It was a good album, but, in my opinion, those were two major marketing mistakes.

  2. I remember going to a CD store I went to a few times a week and out of boredom looking at new releases. In 1996, there wasn't a whole lot of new stuff I cared for (and that trend has continued). The only reason I saw "Trial By Fire" was because the plastic wrapper around it had a Journey sticker on it. I had no idea back then they were even doing this release because I'd heard nothing about it on TV or anywhere. It's been a while since I've listened to TBF and I think I'll put it in today...