Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Journey Force Newsletter August 1983 and The Journey Rockdogs

Here's the August 1983 Journey Force Newsletter;

This one starts off talking about the Journey "Rockdogs" which was the name of the Softball team Journey were members of.

Some new cities were added to the "Frontiers" tour with special tickets for Journey Force members.

Also the campaign for trying to nominate Journey for a Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star goes on. The newsletters have been talking about a star on Hollywood Blvd. since early 1983 and the star was finally received in July 2005, twenty two years later!

Ross Valory's 1983 biography is featured on a whole page! Ross was around from the beginning, so him and Neal are the only founding members left and a very important member of the band.

The newsletter wraps up with answering some questions. All 6 pages follow...

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