Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Journey Force Newsletter from January 1, 1985 part 1 of 3

This is an exciting newsletter from The Journey fan club, it's like Christmas in July!

The first 4 pages of the newsletter start off with a big welcome to 1985! The band's famous Christmas photo is included along with news about ex-band member, Gregg Rolie.

There is very enthusiastic talk about the band working hard on the upcoming album. This is January 1985 and the next album, Raised On Radio wasn't released until April 1986, so I can only imagine how busy there were.

Also included is a page of Christmas cheer from each member of band! Steve Perry's Foolish Heart video included a wish to everyone a Holiday Message from all members of Jouney! Jonathan Cain has some sad news to share as well, and his connection to the motion picture "The Terminator".

The last page included this week talks about the boy dying of cystic fibrosis and as his last wish had the members of the band visit him in his hospital room. There will be more to come, four pages at a time...

More next week.

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