Saturday, July 18, 2015

Journey's Friday The 13th show from July 13, 1979 proves stardom ahead in their future

Mid-way through the eight month "Evolution" Tour, on July 13th 1979, Journey went on stage at Assembly Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The band played for over an hour and 30 minutes playing hits from the "Evolution" and "Infinity" as well as a few songs from the albums before Steve Perry joined the band.

Steve's voice is a very nice addition to those which really make them come alive. I've always thought the balance between Steve Perry's and Gregg Rolie's voice is part of what made the band so special.

Here is a copy of the review that was in The Tulsa Tribune the next day, Saturday July 14, 1979.

It's a great review about the band, the show and the massive stardom they are about to embark upon.


  1. Very cool review. Even with the Friday the 13th malfunctions at the beginning.