Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The New Journey - 2000's Arrival with Steve Augeri

In 1998 after Steve Perry refused to tour, he was replaced by a new vocalist, Steve Augeri.

Steve Augeri came from a manager position at The Gap clothing stores.

Before The Gap, Steve was the vocalist for the band "Tall Stories".

In 2000 the first Journey Album without Steve Perry since 1977 was released in Japan.

It took until April 3rd, 2001 before the USA would see the new album, ARRIVAL.

Here's a Columbia Records Press Release for the album with a biography of the band.

There are many stories as to what went on, but here's Columbia Records version of Journey's biography...

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  1. I think Steve Augeri is now back at the Gap, or Banana Republic. I get them confused.