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Journey's unofficial Guitar and Amps Album from 1978

In 1980 I found my very first unofficial album of Journey. It was called "Guitars and Amps" and I thought I found gold! It was recorded in August, 1978 and it has one of the first live recordings with new member, Steve Perry on vocals! (He is not listed in the liner notes)

This in area that I have kept out of until now. Bootleg albums. Journey has many and this is just one of them. This one was actually pressed to vinyl. This will also serve as my unofficial fist "Retrospective" that I do.

Front Album Cover

Rear Album Cover

Liner Notes;

Gregg Rolie vocals, keyboards, guitar
Neal Sehon guitar
Ross Valory bass
Aynsley Dunbar drums

            Formed in late 1973, Journey made their debut at San Francisco Winterland on New Year's Eve that year, followed by New Year's Day second gig before 100,000 audience at annual Sunshine Festival at Diamond Head Crater, Hawaii. Not that such sizeable gatherin~ were strange territory to at least three members of this minor-supergroup.
            Rolie and Schon were both members of San Francisco's massively successful Santana (è); indeed Rolie was co-founder of that group with guitarist Carlos Santana in 1967. He played on four platinum-selling albums and was primarily responsible for band arrangements and vocals before Carlos' moves towards jazz caused conflict of opinions.
            Schon was something of teenage guitar protege, encouraged by Carlos Santana after declining Eric Clapton's offer of gig in his Derek and Dominos group at age 16. He cut two albums with Santana band, as well as appearing on Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles live album. Before Journey, played briefly, with Graham Central Station (è).
            Drummer Aynsley Dunbar, born in Liverpool, England, has similarly illustrious credits. He first came to attention as highly accomplished drummer with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, subsequently forming own band Retaliation and later the ambitious Blue Whale, using large brass section. Arrived in America to join Mothers Of Invention (è), cutting four albums and touring extensively with same. When Flo & Eddie (è) left Mothers to gig on own, Dunbar accompanied them. Numerous session credits include work for Jeff Beck, Bonzo Dog Doo Dab Band, Lou Reed, David Bowie.

Journey (Columbia/CBS)
Look For The Future (Columbia/CBS)
Next (Columbia/CBS)

Nice Guys Dept:
Despite their grueling tour schedule of 178 dates in six months (that's almost One a day. folks), Journey found time to do a benefit for San Mateo'. Burrell Junior High School recently. The hard working rockers raised $6,000 towards new uniforms for the school band.

After working together for five years, drummer Aynsley Dunbar and Journey have gone separate ways because Dunbar's drumming style was more suited to jazz, than rock and roll, according to reliable sources within the band. Steve Smith, who has drummed for Jean Luc Ponty and more recently with Montrose, will replace Dunbar. The band plans to play gigs in redding on October 14, and in Santa Clara on October 22, to prepare Smith before they begin a world tour that starts New Year's Eve in Oakland. Meanwhile, they'll be working on an album that's due out by early February.

Rumors were flying that Dunbar would join The Who as a replacement for the late Keith Moon. However, sources close to that band say that only session drummers will be used, so perhaps the rumor that Dunbar is starting his own group is more likely. When asked about his plans for the future, Dunbar says that "things are up in the air" and that he's still "deciding" about what to do. As always, he says, he's available for session work, and now he'll have more time since Journey's grueling tour schedules are a thing of the past.

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