Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Journey Force Newsletter from Nov and Dec 1985 starring Neal Schon

The second part of the Journey Force November & December 1985 Newsletter is all about Neal Schon of Journey! The Journey Force visits Neal Schon at his home. The article is full of great pictures including color ones on page 3 this week!

At Home With Neal Schon;

Neal invites "The Journey Force inside his split level house one day while working hard on the new album. Neal shows his Guitars and Piano in his home studio. There's also a great picture of Neal holding up his platinum "Escape" and "Frontiers" albums.

The second page this week includes pictures of Gregg Rolie and for another Neal's projects titled "Hear 'N' Aid". Neal also visits a "Day On The Green" heavy metal show at Oakland Stadium where Neal and Sammy Hagar hang out. Neal also contemplates in buying a brand new Ferrari Testarossa.

The third and final page this week includes color photos of Neal in his Home Studio with his friend and technician, John "Hawkeye" Griswold. Tim McQuaid from The Journey Force also shows Neal some artwork sent in by members...

Continued next week...

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