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Journey's Concert Ticket Evolution Through Time part 3, The Captured Departure

Journey's Departure Tour of 1980 was Journey's biggest tour to date. This year the band played to a much bigger audience than ever before. The band now would play bigger venues and the shows would become less intimate.

Journey had also become international stars, especially in Japan. While on tour in Japan, the "Dream, After Dream" soundtrack album was recorded for the Japanese movie of the same name, or "Yume, Yume No Ato" in Japanese.

This would be the last concert tour to feature those great Steve Perry / Gregg Rolie duets. Gregg Rolie's voice has been sorely missed since this era of the band. From now on Steve Perry would command the sole Lead Vocalist position until he himself leaves the band.

This is the tour that was recorded for the "Captured" album. Journey recorded about 4 dates on the Departure Tour to use for "Captured". We are very lucky that this tour was recorded for a live album because after the tour Gregg Rolie makes his departure from the band. This album becomes the "Greatest Hits" of the Gregg Rolie era of Journey.

Ticket prices were between $8.00 - $9.50 which is up only one dollar since the "Evolution" Tour of 1979. Day on The Green this year was $13.50. Because Ticket Agency's or "scalping agency's" were able to buy large amounts of tickets, they could resale them for enormous profit. Almost no-one paid the price printed on the ticket anymore. An $8.00 ticket went for more like $20.00 or more.

April 5, 1980 - Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Phoenix, AZ - The Babys

April 17, 1980 - Riverside Centroplex. Baton Rouge, LA – The Babys

April 20, 1980 - Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center. Birmingham, AL
The Babys

May 23, 1980 - Market Square Arena. Indianapolis, IN – The Babys

June 3, 1980 – Seattle Center Arena. Seattle, WA - The Babys

June 4, 1980 - Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Portland, OR - The Babys

July 27, 1980 - Oakland Stadium. Oakland, CA
Black Sabbath, Cheap Trick, Molly Hatchet

October 11, 1980 - Nakano Sun Plaza. Tokyo, Japan

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