Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Journey Force Newsletter November & December 1985 Page 1

The Journey Force Newsletter dated November & December 1985 includes a 3-page article titled "At Home With Neal Schon", but that is for next week.

This week we have page 1 of the Newsletter! The first news is that the basic tracks for the new album have been completed and all there is left is the vocal tracks. All finishing touches should be done by the end of November and the Final Mix is in December with a January release for the yet un-named album.

There are also claims that the guys are also involved with the designing of the album concept and package. We all know that is all hogwash. If the basic tracks were done, then why would Steve Smith's drumming be thrown out for a studio musician's? There are many unanswered questions from this time in Journey's Evolution.

While the guys are working hard in the studio, Steve Smith takes time off to tour with "Vital Information". Gregg Rolie and wife, Lori, show off their new son Sean Philip. Jonathan Cain also joins the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus for a parade.

Come back next week for a 3 page story on Neal Schon with pictures...

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